Towel to Go is not just a simple hammam towel –
Variety of colors, unusual weave patterns and stylish
Gift boxes made from recycled cardboard and much more.

The world of Towel to Go is colorful!


The origin of the hammam culture can be found in the Orient and its meaning has not changed over the millennia. The hammam towel is an integral part of this refreshing ritual, which has a high wellness factor. Each visitor wraps one of these hammam towels around the body during the bathing ceremony.

Thanks to the unusual, loose weave of these hammam towels, a flat fabric structure is created, which guarantees a long service life and is therefore of better quality. The Towel to Go hammam towels are made of 100% cotton and are made in Turkey. The natural material makes the towels particularly soft and pleasant to use.
Towel to Go also scores with the Oeko-Tex certification, which takes care of pollutants. In comparison, Towel to Go is the cleaner, more environmentally friendly and longer lasting alternative.

Not to forget, the hammam towels are packaged in modern gift boxes made from recycled cardboard.

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Looking for a birthday or Christmas present? At Towel to Go there is definitely a suitable gift for everyone. Whether simple, modern or colorful and unusual, the collections offer a wide variety of designs that only make the decision even more difficult. The right pattern for every occasion can be found here with a wide range of colors, because the uses of the Towel to Go hammam towels are versatile.

And not only that, for all those who find it particularly difficult to pack the gift, the hammam towels are packed in colorful, stylish and fun gift boxes in the form of a cylinder. Thus, the hearts of loved ones can be conquered with the perfect gift without any wrapping paper.

Towel to Go – The perfect gift!


It is no wonder that the colorful hammam towels from Towel to Go, whether with fringes or cords, have occupied many areas. The Pestemal, known as the classic hammam towel, can of course not only be used in the sauna and wellness. Hammam towels are multifunctional companions that are extremely hard-wearing and durable.

They are not only great as a base on which a perfect day on the beach can be enjoyed. Their quick-drying properties also make them ideal as a bath towel. After bathing in the sea, snuggle up in a Towel to Go hammam towel – there is no better feeling! But not only practical properties speak for Towel to Go hammam towels, they also have a lot to offer visually. Also as a parero with soft knots around the hips, it is great a beach clothing or in the evening when the weather is mild, it is placed around the shoulders, it keeps you pleasantly warm and also looks wonderful.

Whether as a bath towel, beach towel, sauna towel, plaid or as a tablecloth, in the gym, spa or wellness – the possible uses are almost endless. Their versatility helps to make them indispensable. The terry towels have long since had their day.

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Towel to Go convinces in all areas. Because as a minimalist, the Towel to Go hammam towels cover many functions at the same time and appeal to travelers, minimalists, hammam lovers, mothers and many more. Because Towel to Go hammam towels are real all-rounders, the star on every park meadow, warming as a scarf on the cold way home, accompanying sports or spas, tied as a pareo, they are simply a real eye-catcher.

Get inspired by Towel to Go hammam towels!

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