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At Towel to Go, we attach particular importance to sustainability and the ecological use of products. It is therefore of particular importance to us to use recycled materials for packaging. The modern gift boxes, which are eye-catching in their colorful and stylish design, are made from recycled cardboard.

The hammam towels, which are made of 100% cotton and with their robust weave structure guarantee a long lifespan, really come into their own in these boxes. However, we don’t want to be satisfied with this, because right now, when environmental awareness is more important than ever, we want to make an active contribution to protecting our planet. Because this is important to us and we want to express it in a simple and uncomplicated way. In the search for a solution, we came across Sprout.
The Sprout pencil is the first sustainable pencil that can be planted and has two lives, so to speak. We want to counteract the throw-away culture a little.

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A Towel to Go Sprout pencil is included with every order free of charge. The high-quality Sprout pencil is made from untreated cedar wood and is completely lead-free. It should not only give you a good feeling when writing, but also make you look forward to planting. We want to make the world a little greener with you.
As soon as it is too short, go into the earth with the remaining end! The seeds it contains are just waiting to germinate.

Now it is up to you to let new life thrive with love, because small steps count!

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