Promotional Gift: Personalized Hammam Towel from Towel to Go

Towel to Go Personalized Hammam Towel

Personalized Hammam Towel: The Perfect Promotional Gift

A personalized Hammam towel makes an exceptional thoughtful gift. Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or a special occasion, a personalized luxury gift speaks volumes about your affection and care for the recipient. You can directly order a personalized Hamam towel from us, starting from a minimum of ten pieces per color. Furthermore, the option to customize the cardboard boxes is also available. For all the necessary information about personalizing Hamam towels and the customization process, it’s best to inquire directly with us, as these projects are so individualized that making general statements can be challenging. However, below we provide a brief overview of the general process and possibilities when it comes to personalization:

Personalized Hammam Towel: How Long Does Production Take?

As we carry out personalization directly during the production process, your personalized Hammam towels are brand new. Consequently, the personalization process takes approximately six weeks from the time of placing the order.

How Should the Design be Submitted?

For embroidery or printing, we require a graphic file (e.g., PDF or EPS) along with precise measurements and the desired placement on the towel. We’re also happy to provide guidance on the available options in advance.

What Design Options are Available?
Embroideries and prints can be single or multicolored. Sizes range from small and subtle to large and eye-catching. Typically, customers opt for a personalized Hamam towel with a motif of around 30 square centimeters (e.g., 10 cm wide and 3 cm high). When it comes to the boxes, there are numerous possibilities for individual customization, from incorporating your own logo to fully designing the box – the possibilities are limitless. We’re also capable of producing “Private Label” towels, allowing you to apply your logo directly onto the towels.

Can I Create a Special Towel Design?

Absolutely. In quantities of 300 pieces or more, we can create towels with individual colors and patterns woven. Production for these custom Hamam towels typically takes about 6 weeks from the time of placing the order.

Personalized Hamam Towel: What’s the Process?

Once you’ve selected the appropriate model and color of the Hamam towel from our shop, as well as finalized the size, color, and placement of the design, we will create a sample that you can approve through a photo. For an additional fee, we can also send a physical sample. However, most customers opt against this, as it’s often time-consuming and more costly.

What’s the Cost of a Personalized Hammam Towel?

The prices for personalization vary based on the design and size. Generally, it can be estimated that they start at around 3 euros per motif/towel. The price of the Hamam towel depends on the quantity ordered.

Are There Examples?

We regularly execute projects for hotels and corporate clients, such as employee and client gifts or for merchandising purposes. We’d be happy to provide sample photos upon request. You can also inquire with Samim for personalized Hamam towels.

Also at Samimi, a brand that also values sustainability and fair production conditions, you can find a colorful, sustainable hamam towel. You can access the Samimi Store through this link.

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