Summer time, travel time – on vacation!

Towel to Go Hamamtuch

Who does not know it before you can thoroughly indulge yourself on vacation, the stress comes with packing your suitcase. There are different types: Some are organized and structured and start packing their suitcases weeks in advance according to their packing list. Then there are those who throw the most important things in their suitcases shortly before departure and just hope that nothing will be forgotten.

However, each pack type shares a problem; the problem with a too full suitcase! This is not a pleasure and can lead to a lot of despair, because you tend to take too many clothes, shoes, care products, make-up, jewelry etc. with you on vacation. To avoid this annoyance, you should really think carefully about what you need for the trip.

The motto should be, less is often more! Therefore, it is now time to face the fight and to deliberately narrow it down for more space in your suitcase! Of course, this also has this advantage that you can take a few souvenirs from your holiday destination for your loved ones or yourself.

Depending on where the journey is going and which accommodation is being peddled, the question of a towel comes up again and again. Is there a towel or not? It is not uncommon to pack one in order to be on the safe side, so as not to be left without.

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Exactly this towel takes up too much space that one would have liked to have planned for another pair of favorite shoes.

The solution to this is not far off; the Towel to Go hammam towel! Not only does it have the properties of light, compact and quick-drying, making it the perfect companion, it is also much more stylish and serves as an alternative for many uses. You can use it in so many ways: as a blanket, skirt, dress, curtain, beach towel, turban, scarf, etc. The possibilities are limitless and a holiday feeling is guaranteed.

It is very important here to roll instead of fold! This works wonderfully with the hammam towel. So it can be placed more flexibly in the case.

You see, with a few tips, packing your bags becomes child’s play

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